Addendum to the Cardmember Agreement

This Addendum to the Cardmember Agreement reflects variations to our standard form credit card agreement in effect on the last business day of the previous calendar quarter that ended on 6/30/2018. Our standard Cardmember Agreement(s) is supplemented with pricing information reflected in the document(s) titled “Pricing Supplement”and other terms and/or features that may vary between the different types of credit card accounts that we offer as reflected in the below “Addendum to the Cardmember Agreement”. These documents are provided to you for informational purposes only.  These account terms may not be available after the above date. If you apply and are approved for a credit card account with us, your actual account terms will be based on the terms of the offer available at the time that you applied and your Cardmember Agreement will be the agreement sent to you when your account is first opened.

The following provision is to be added at the end of the last sentence of the “Credit Line/Authorized Usage” paragraph in our standard Cardmember Agreement and is applicable to a credit card accounts that do not have a preset spending limit:

“Because your Account has no pre-set spending limit, we may permit you from time to time at our discretion to make certain charges that cause your outstanding balance to exceed your revolving credit line.  These charges will be evaluated based on account performance, other credit accounts with us, and your experience with other creditors.  If we authorize these charges, you must pay, with your Minimum Payment Due, the amount by which your balance exceeds your revolving credit line, including amounts due to Purchases, Cash Advances, Interest charges, Fees, or other charges.”