Terms and Conditions

Interest Rates and Interest Charges

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases

17.99%, 22.24% or 27.24%, based on your creditworthiness.

This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

0% promotional APR for six billing cycles on all Bluegreen Purchases (see below).

After that, your APR will be 17.99%, 22.24% or 27.24%, based on your creditworthiness. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

APR for Balance Transfers

17.99%22.24%, or 27.24% based on your creditworthiness.

This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

APR for Cash Advances


This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.

How to Avoid Paying Interest on Purchases

Your due date is at least 23 days after the close of each billing cycle. We will not charge you interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month.

Minimum Interest Charge

If you are charged interest, the charge will be no less than $0.50

For Credit Card Tips from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

To learn more about factors to consider when applying for or using a credit card, visit the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at http://www.consumerfinance.gov/learnmore.



Annual Fee


Transaction Fees:


  • Balance Transfer

Either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer, whichever is greater.

  • Cash Advance

Either $10 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater.

  • Foreign Transaction

3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars.

Penalty Fees:


  • Late Payment

Up to $40 (the amount of the fee varies by state, see below) 

  • Returned Payment

Up to $40 (the amount of the fee varies by state, see below) 

How We Will Calculate Your Balance: We use a method called "daily balance (including new purchases)". If you are a resident of Iowa at the time the account is opened, we use a method called "average daily balance (including new purchases)".


Terms and Conditions Continued:

Important Information about the Bluegreen Credit Card Program: Offers may vary. Please carefully review the reward benefits (such as bonus miles/points and how miles/points are earned), interest rates and account fees and terms of this particular offer before applying.

Fees that Vary by State:
Late Payment Fee:
  Up to $40  (Up to $15 for residents of Iowa at time of account opening).
Returned Payment: Up to $40 (Up to $15 for residents of Iowa at time of account opening).

The "Bluegreen Purchase" means all Bluegreen qualifying purchases made with this credit card account at all Bluegreen sales centers after the account is opened.

Agreement: The use of any account opened in connection with this offer will constitute acceptance of and will be subject to the Cardmember Agreement that will be sent to you. The APRs, fees, and other account terms, as well as the benefits and features associated with the account are subject to change to the extent permitted by law.  

Your Telephone Numbers: By providing your telephone number, at the time you apply or anytime thereafter, you authorize Barclays Bank Delaware and its affiliates, agents and independent contractors, to contact you regarding your account at such number using any means of communication, including, but not limited to calls placed to your cell, mobile or other phone using an automated dialing service, pre-recorded messages or text messages. Standard text messaging and/or calling charges may apply.

About This Offer: You must be at least 18 years of age. This offer is available only to applicants who are residents of the United States, with the exception of Puerto Rico and the US territories,  and may not be available if you already have or have had an account with us. If at the time of your application you do not meet the credit or income criteria previously established for this offer, or the income you report is insufficient based on your current obligations, we may be unable to open an account for you. Please review the materials provided with your card for details.    

About Your Credit Report: You agree that we have a right to obtain a credit report in connection with our review of your application, and if we establish an account for you, to administer your account.  You agree that we may report to others our credit experience with you. If you ask, we will tell the names and addresses of any credit bureaus from which we obtained a report about you. 

About the Variable APRs on Your Account: We use the highest Prime Rate listed in the The Wall Street Journal on the last business day of each month. For the non-promotional purchase and balance transfer APR, we add either 12.49%, 16.74% or 21.74% to the Prime Rate based on your creditworthiness. For the cash advance APR, we add 21.99% to the Prime Rate. See your Cardmember Agreement for more detail. The APRs noted above are current as of 07/29/2022 using a Prime Rate of 5.5%.

*Important Information About Procedures for Opening a New Account: To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. What this means to you: When you apply for an account, we will ask for your name, street address, date of birth, social security number, and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see copies of identifying documents. We also ask for country of citizenship.

Balance Transfers. Here's How it Works: To request a balance transfer please enter the 15/16 digit account number from the Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover Card account that you want us to process a balance transfer from. If the total amount you request exceeds the assigned credit line on your new account, we may either decline the request or send a partial payment to your creditor(s). The amount of available credit on your new account will be reduced by the amount transferred and the related balance transfer fees. We reserve the right to decline to process any requested balance transfer. We will not process a request to transfer a balance from any other account you may have with us. Balance transfers incur interest from the transaction date. You should not transfer the amount of any disputed purchase or other charge. If you do, you may lose your dispute rights.

Upon approval of your application we will process the requested balance transfer payment to the account(s) which you have requested on the 10th day after we've mailed you your card; during this 10 day time period you may cancel your balance transfer by contacting us at the number on the back of your card. A balance transfer may take up to 4 weeks to post to your other accounts. Continue to pay each creditor until the balance transfer appears on the other account as a credit. If you would like to complete a balance transfer from another account that is not a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card account, please call the phone number on the back of your new credit card once you are approved. Balance transfers are subject to availability. We may deny balance transfer requests at any time and for any reason.

Credit Limit: We do not permit applicants to request a specific credit limit. We do not consider a request for a balance transfer made with an application to be a request for a particular credit limit. We determine the credit limit on your account independent of and prior to processing any balance transfer request.

Cash Equivalent Purchases: The purchase of money orders, travelers' checks, foreign currency, lottery tickets, gambling chips, wire transfers and other similar transactions are treated as cash advances. Please see your Cardmember Agreement for details.

New York Residents: New York residents may contact the New York State Department of Financial Services by telephone (800) 342-3736, or visit the website, www.dfs.ny.gov, for free information on comparative credit card rates, fees and grace periods. 

Notice to Ohio Residents: The Ohio laws against discrimination require that all creditors make credit equally available to all creditworthy customers, and that credit reporting agencies maintain separate credit histories on each individual upon request.  The Ohio Civil Rights Commission administers compliance with this law.

Notice to Married Wisconsin Residents: No marital property agreement, unilateral statement or court decree under Wisconsin's marital property law will adversely affect our interests unless before your account is opened, you give us a copy of the agreement, statement or decree or we have actual knowledge of it.  You understand that we may be required to give notice of this account to your spouse.

About Us and This Credit Card Program: This credit card program is issued and administered by Barclays Bank Delaware (Barclays), located in Wilmington, Delaware. Any account opened in response to this application shall be governed by the laws of the State of Delaware. Mastercard, World Mastercard, World Elite Mastercard and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International, Incorporated and is used by us pursuant to a license. 

Express Delivery: If you are approved for an account your card will be sent via next day FedEx delivery after your account is opened if the request for express delivery is made before 3:00 p.m. ET of that day. If the request is made after 3:00 p.m. ET delivery will be made the following day. Delivery will be made only to your home address and a signature is required. If you added an additional card user(s) on your application the additional card(s) cannot be expressed delivered.

The information contained in these disclosures is accurate as of 07/29/2022 and may change after this date.

Information That We Collect and Share About You:
Barclays' Privacy Policy is available online at www.BarclaysUS.com. You agree that Bluegreen and Barclays may share information about you and your account to administer the Bluegreen Rewards Program in conjunction with the Bluegreen Rewards® Mastercard®.


This document contains the official reward rules for the Bluegreen Rewards Mastercard Account ("Card Account") issued by Barclays Bank Delaware ("Barclays", "we", "us", or "our") and includes important conditions and limitations ("Card Account Reward Rules"). Use of your Card Account constitutes your acceptance of each of the terms described below and the terms of the Cardmember Agreement (“Cardmember Agreement”). "You", "your" or "primary cardmember" means the person who applied for the Card Account. Capitalized terms not defined in these Card Account Reward Rules have the meaning ascribed to them in the Cardmember Agreement.

Barclays is solely responsible for establishing these Card Account Reward Rules and for communicating with Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc.’s (“Bluegreen”) as described below to administer the Card Account Reward Rules. Certain Card Account benefits are fulfilled under the Bluegreen Rewards program (the “Program”), which is an owner rewards program offered by Bluegreen, through its affiliate Encore Rewards, Inc. (“Encore”) to Bluegreen’s deeded timeshare purchasers and is not a product or program of Barclays.

Encore administers the Program and is responsible for establishing the terms and conditions of your participation in the Bluegreen Rewards program, and your rewards (“Rewards”) accumulation therein. Rewards will be deposited into a rewards account (“Rewards Account”) maintained by Encore and accessible at www.bluegreenowner.com. Terms and conditions of the Program are available at https://www.bluegreenowner.com/DOPs/BGR-OR.Bluegreen and/or Encore reserve the right to change the Program at any time with or without prior notice.

Card Account Reward Rules Administration
The Card Account Reward Rules are administered by Barclays located in Wilmington, DE. We reserve the right to modify, amend or terminate the Card Account Reward Rules at any time with or without notice. You can review current Card Account Reward Rules any time by logging in to your Card Account at BarclaysUS.com.

To maintain your eligibility for participation in the Program through use of the Card Account:

  • You must maintain an open Card Account that is in good standing. “Good Standing” means your Card Account is not in default under your Cardmember Agreement with us (in “Good Standing”).
  • You must be an individual (corporations, partnerships, and other entities may not participate) and use the Card Account only for personal, family or household expenses.
  • If your BlueGreen Account is closed, for any reason, your Card Account may be closed. Upon closure of your BlueGreen Account you will forfeit all Card Account benefits fulfilled under the BlueGreen Account Program and any points earned during that billing cycle but not yet sent to BlueGreen.
  • Upon closure of your Card Account all benefits associated with the Card Account will be forfeited.

Bluegreen Program Membership

  • If your existing BlueGreen member account number was included in the application, you are already enrolled in the Program. Points earned through the Card Account will be credited to your BlueGreen Program member account.
  • If the BlueGreen Program member account number that you provided is found to be invalid, or you did not provide us with the BlueGreen Program member account number, you consent to and will be enrolled in the Program and a new BlueGreen Program member account number will be assigned to you.
  • Only one BlueGreen Program member account number will be applied per Card Account.

Important Information about Rewards

  • As long as the Program continues and the Card Account is open and in Good Standing, there is no limit to the total Rewards you can earn using your Card Account.
  • You may not earn Rewards during any period in which your Card Account is past due.
  • All Rewards earned by the primary cardmember and any authorized user(s), through use of the Card Account, will be transferred to the primary cardmember’s Program Account within approximately 2 business days after each Card Account billing statement. Your Program Account is subject to the Program terms and conditions, located at https://www.bluegreenowner.com/DOPs/BGR-OR which includes expiration and forfeiture policies.
  • If you do not receive credit for earned Rewards through use of your Card Account, please contact the Customer Service number on the back of your credit card.
  • You have no property rights or other legal interest in Rewards. Rewards earned and not yet transferred to Bluegreen, have no cash value or value of any kind. After Rewards are transferred, please refer to the Bluegreen Program Rules at https://www.bluegreenowner.com/DOPs/BGR-OR for details on the value of Rewards.
  • You are responsible for any tax liability related to participating in the Program.
  • Participation in the Program through use of your Card Account is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. The sale or barter of any Rewards offered through the Program earned through use of the Card Account, other than by us or Bluegreen, is expressly prohibited.
  • You can view a summary of your Rewards earned through the use of your Card Account on your monthly Card Account billing statement or by logging into BarclaysUS.com. Your total Rewards Account balance is available by calling 866-362-6733 or online at www.BluegreenRewards.com.
  • Barclays is not responsible for adding the Rewards to your Rewards Account, for arranging or providing for any goods or services related to the use of Rewards, for any delay, failure, or refusal by Encore or Bluegreen to add or redeem Rewards, or for any decision by Encore or Bluegreen to revoke or cancel Rewards or membership in the Program. Once we transfer Rewards earned through use of the Card Account after the close of each Card Account billing cycle, Bluegreen is responsible for adding the Rewards to your Program.

Earning Rewards
You earn Rewards for purchases less credits, returns and adjustments (“Net Purchases”) made by you and/or any authorized user(s) of the Card Account as follows:

  • You earn 2 Rewards for every $1 spent on eligible Bluegreen purchases. Eligible Bluegreen purchases include ONLY the down payment on vacation ownership purchases, ownership interest upgrades, loan payoffs, maintenance fees, club dues, Bluegreen Vacation Club sales, bonus time usage, Traveler Plus Elite select benefits (e.g., exchange fees, hotels stays, etc.), retail ticket purchases at Bluegreen resort locations (e.g., Disney and Universal tickets at the Fountains, Dollywood tickets at Smokey Mountain Preview Center, etc.), and food and beverage amenities at select resorts. This list is subject to change without notice. For updated and more information on eligible Bluegreen purchases, please contact the Bluegreen Rewards service center at 866-362-6733 or email BG.Rewards@bluegreenvacations.com.
  • You earn 1 Reward for every $1 spend on all other purchases made on the Card Account.
  • Balance transfers, cash advances (including cash equivalent transactions such as, but not limited to, the use of your Card Account to obtain money orders, traveler’s checks, foreign currency and lottery tickets), fees, interest charges and unauthorized/fraudulent purchases are not considered Net Purchases and do not earn Rewards, except as permitted in the Bonus Reward Currency below.

Bonus Rewards
You will earn 1,000 bonus Rewards after your first use of your Account for a Net Purchase or a balance transfer. The bonus will be reflected on the billing statement in which you have qualified to earn the bonus. This offer may be canceled at any time without notice.

From time to time, we may offer bonuses of Rewards or other incentives to new Bluegreen Rewards Mastercard cardmembers in connection with an application for a new card account. These bonuses and/or incentives are intended for applicants who are not and have not previously been Bluegreen Rewards Mastercard cardmembers. You understand and agree that you may no longer be eligible for any bonuses and/or incentives in connection with a new Bluegreen Rewards Mastercard card account after this Card Account is opened. If you receive a bonus or incentive for which you are not eligible due to your status as a current or former Bluegreen Rewards Mastercard cardmember, we may revoke the bonus or incentive, or reduce your Rewards by the amount of the bonus or incentive, or charge your Card Account for the fair value of the bonus or incentive, at our sole discretion. 

Redeeming Rewards

  • Encore manages the Program including redemption. You can obtain information regarding the redemption options available by calling 866-362-6733 or online at https://www.bluegreenowner.com/featured/landing-pages/bluegreen-rewards-faq?Area=OWN.
  • Restrictions may apply, please refer to sc.bluegreenowner.com/DOPs/BGR-OR for details.

Rewards Forfeiture
If your Card Account is closed for any of the following reasons, your Rewards earned during that billing cycle but not yet sent to Bluegreen will be forfeited and/or we may request that Bluegreen make corresponding adjustments to or invalidate Rewards earned through use of your Card Account and transferred to your Rewards Account] if/based upon:

  • You or any authorized user(s) on the Card Account engages in any fraudulent or illegal activity through the use of your Card Account.
  • You, or any authorized user(s) on the Card Account engage in any activity that is deemed to be abusive or gaming conduct, as determined by us in our sole discretion. Abusive or gaming activity includes, but is not limited to, obtaining or using an account to maximize rewards earned in a manner that is not consistent with typical consumer activity and/or multiple credit card account applications/openings, as determined by us in our sole discretion.
  • You or any authorized user(s) on the Card Account have negative public record information identified.Your history of Card Account usage.
  • Your Card Account is delinquent, as determined by Barclays in its sole discretion.
  • You or any authorized user(s) on the Card Account violate any of the Card Account Rewards Rules.
  • Your Card Account is otherwise in default under your Cardmember Agreement with us.
  • Your Program Account is closed.

Responsibility of the Parties/Information Sharing
Barclays has no authority regarding the Program and is not responsible for any goods or services offered by Encore or Bluegreen. You authorize Barclays to share information about your Card Account with Encore and Bluegreen and their affiliates and authorize Encore and Bluegreen to share information about your Program membership to the extent needed to administer the Program and the Card Account. You also agree that Barclays may share Card Account information as set forth in Barclays Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy for Barclays is available online at BarclaysUS.com. Encore and Bluegreen are not parties to the Cardmember Agreement between you and Barclays, do not participate in any extension of credit, and have no authority regarding the Card Account and are not responsible for any goods or services offered by Barclays. For details on how Encore and Bluegreen may use your information, please see the terms and conditions of the Program at https://www.bluegreenowner.com/DOPs/BGR-OR.

Limitation and Release of Liability
By participating in the Program through use of the Card Account and accepting and using Rewards and other benefits earned through use of the Card Account, you (on your behalf and on behalf of any person to whom you give the benefits from the Program through the use of the Card Account) release, discharge and hold harmless Barclays, Encore, Bluegreen, and their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, administrators, employees, officers, directors, successors and assignees from all claims, damages or liability including, but not limited to, physical injury or death, arising out of participation in the Program through use of the Card Account or travel taken or use of products purchased in connection with the Program through use of the Card Account. Barclays has no liability in case of disagreement over issuance of Rewards, items received through redemptions, or a cardmember’s right to redeem or possess Rewards.

Important General Program Disclosures
Barclays reserves the right to correct inaccurate Rewards values represented on statements, our website and/or our mobile app, at our sole discretion. We may, at our sole discretion, cancel, modify, restrict, or terminate the Card Account Reward Rules or any aspects or features of the Card Account Reward Rules at any time without prior notice. All interpretations of the Card Account Reward Rules shall be in our sole discretion. Other significant terms may apply. All trademarks and service marks belong to their respective owners. Barclays is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions in this document, website, mobile app, or any marketing materials. Rewards earned through use of the Card Account cannot be combined with other discount or reward programs unless specifically authorized by us, Encore and Bluegreen.

Bluegreen, Bluegreen Vacations, Bluegreen Vacation Club, Bluegreen Rewards and their respective logos are registered or unregistered trademarks or service marks of Bluegreen Vacations Corporation and are used under license. The Bluegreen Rewards Mastercard is issued by Barclays pursuant to a license by Mastercard. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circle design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Customer Service
If you have any questions about your Card Account, please contact the Customer Service phone number on the back of your credit card.     

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