Book award travel on with ease

You can redeem your AAdvantage® miles toward thousands of American Airlines and partner flights as well as additional award options. Online redemption is simple on Check out this quick tutorial to see how you can book award flights with your miles.

Book award travel on with ease

The AAdvantage program has hundreds of flights, amazing value for your miles and many award options to choose from. Online redemption is simple on Check out this quick tutorial to see how you can book award flights with your miles.

Ready to redeem
Follow every click from the homepage to flight redemption
Ready to redeem
Follow every click from the homepage to flight redemption
Things to know before you redeem
Domestic vs. International Flights click to read more

Domestic Award Travel
Domestic flights to the contiguous 48 states all fall into the same travel region , which means the amount of miles needed to redeem a particular award will essentially be the same, no matter which cities you fly to and from. The exception is any flight between two cities that are less than 500 miles away. These awards can be redeemed for even less miles.

For example, roundtrip MileSAAver® awards are available within the Continental US for as low as 25,000 miles plus any applicable taxes and carrier-imposed fees, whether you fly NY to LA, Chicago to Dallas or Denver to Atlanta, etc. If you are flying within the contiguous 48 U.S. states or to Canada on non-stop flights less than or equal to 500 miles, awards are available for as low as 15,000 miles roundtrip.

International Award Travel
International flights fall into different award travel regions depending on the country, so prices will vary accordingly. See the award chart or award map. Additional taxes and carrier-imposed fees may apply.

MileSAAver® vs. AAnytime® Awards click to read more

There are two award options you can choose from when you redeem for award flights on American Airlines and American Eagle flights - MileSAAver® Awards and AAnytime® Awards.

MileSAAver® awards require less miles, starting at just 7,500 miles plus any applicable taxes and carrier-imposed fees for a one-way flight. Availability is limited. For example, if you're looking to book 4 seats on a popular date for traveling, there may only be availability on an early morning flight or in a certain cabin. But there may be more availability the next day. You can really save, especially if your travel plans are flexible enough that you can travel during off peak times.

AAnytime® awards are the standard awards, starting at 20,000 miles for a one-way flight. With no blackout dates, it's more likely that you will find the exact flight and seat you want.

So which one should you choose? It depends on your preferences, flexibility and the particular award you're looking for. Check out the award chart for the miles needed to redeem each type of award.

oneworld and Other Airline Partners vs. American Airlines click to read more

On, you can choose whether you want to include oneworld airlines and other partner airlines in your search.

If you prefer to only fly on American Airlines or American Eagle flights or if your card or membership status has bonuses like free checked bags and boarding privileges that only apply to American Airlines operated flights, then you may want to only search for those flights.

But if you're looking for the best deal for your miles, it's always good to search all flights, including AAdvantage® participating airlines, especially for international travel. Just be aware that some partner airlines may have additional fees.

The mileage levels for award flights are not always the same for oneworld partners vs American Airlines, so here are the oneworld partners award chart and the American Airlines award chart for reference.

Also, keep in mind that not all oneworld Partner airlines will show up in the search results. You may need to call or look on partner sites to find availability for those other airlines. Here are some lists that you can reference:

Partner Airlines bookable on
  • -  airberlin
  • -  Alaska Airlines
  • -  British Airways
  • -  Finnair
  • -  Hawaiian Airlines
  • -  Qantas
  • -  Royal Jordanian Airlines
Partner Airlines not bookable on
  • -  Iberia
  • -  Cathay Pacific
  • -  Qatar Airways
  • -  S7 Airlines
  • -  LAN Airlines
  • -  TAM Airlines
  • -  Sri Lankan Airlines
  • -  Japan Airlines
  • -  Air Tahiti Nui
  • -  Cape Air
  • -  Etihad Airways
  • -  Fiji Airways
  • -  Gulf Air
  • -  Jet Airways
  • -  Seaborne Airlines

To redeem your miles for travel on these airlines, please call 1-800-882-8880.

The Ease of Travel Regions click to read more

Every destination you can fly to falls into a geographical area called a travel region. The number of miles it takes to get to a particular city depends upon which travel region it's located in. And that amount is the same no matter which city you fly to within that region. The exception is any domestic flight between two cities that are less than 500 miles away. These awards can be redeemed for even less miles. You can find the redemption values for each region in the award chart. Explore our award map.

How to Buy Miles click to read more

Don't have enough miles for your award? You have the option to buy the miles you need. For example, you can buy 25,000 AAdvantage miles. This will let you redeem even faster, and you could earn bonus miles as well. You also have the option to gift your miles to friends and family.

Charges and Fees click to read more

Award Processing Fees
There is no fee for booking award travel or mileage upgrades at least 21 days in advance. If it's booked less than 21 days from departure, there is a $75 charge, so book early.

Ticketing Service Charges
There is no service charge for booking a travel award on If it's booked over the phone or in person, and the award could have been booked online, there will be a fee, so always ask the representative if online redemption is possible.

Change Fees
When you redeem for an AAnytime® award, you can change your origin or destination up until the day before the flight without an award change fee. So if you're unsure about all the details or think you may need to change your flight at some point, you'll avoid a $150 charge by choosing AAnytime® awards over MileSAAver® awards.

AAnytime® awards also let you change the date or time of your flight at any time without a fee. With a MileSAAver® award, you will not be charged $75 for changing your travel date or time as long as it is 21 days in advance.

Also, keep in mind that changing an award type, for example, from a MileSAAver® award to an AAnytime® award, will require a $150 reinstatement of the original award ticket, plus $25 for each additional award ticket that is reissued. So make sure the value makes sense before you change.

Discounts click to read more

Want the best value for your miles? Look out for all these ways to save miles and get there for less.

Reduced Mileage Awards
Enjoy a cardmember-only discount of up to 7,500 miles on award flights to select destinations, which change every other month. See the list of discounted destinations available right now. This is a great way to plan your next vacation, and it's a good idea to always check the list before redeeming. Call 800-882-8880 to book these awards, additional service charges may apply.

MileSAAver® Off Peak
Depending on the time of year, award flights to various travel regions will be considered off peak and available at a discounted number of miles. For example, you may be able to find a 30,000-mile MileSAAver® award flight to Europe for only 22,500 miles each way. Check out when regions offer off peak travel. And find the off peak redemption values in the award chart.

Flights That Are 500 Miles Or Shorter
Now you can find select flights within the US starting at just 7,500 miles plus any applicable taxes and carrier-imposed fees for non-stop itineraries less than or equal to 500 miles. Check out a few examples of city pairs below:

  • -  Dallas to New Orleans
  • -  New York to Cleveland
  • -  Chicago to Memphis
  • -  Miami to Charleston
  • -  Phoenix to Los Angeles
  • -  And many more

10% Miles Back
As an Aviator Silver or Red cardmember, you will receive 10% of your miles back every time you redeem - up to 10,000 miles a year. This will give you a head start on your next award, so remember to factor it into the cost of your award in order to see the true value you get with your miles.

When to Call vs. Redeem Online click to read more

All standard American Airlines flights are available online. But sometimes there are partner awards and Reduced Mileage Awards that you can't book online. In these situations, you'll need to call in order to find out additional information and/or to redeem your award. Keep in mind, there may be a ticketing service charge to redeem by phone if the award is also available online. Otherwise the fee is waived. Here are some of the instances when you should pick up the phone:

Reduced Mileage Awards:
You can find which cities currently qualify here, but call 800-882-8880 to book.

Awards Not on
If you can't find the flight you want on the AAdvantage site, call 800-882-8880 to check for additional availability.

Seat Upgrades:
Don't spend time trying to book mileage upgrades on All you need to do is call 800-433-7300. There is no service charge to book mileage upgrades by phone. There may be a co-pay for these awards.