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Deferred Interest Financing

What is deferred interest financing?
What is deferred interest financing?

Deferred interest financing is a borrowing option that lets you make a purchase with the opportunity to pay no interest on those balances during a promotional period. You can avoid paying the deferred interest on qualifying Apple purchases if you make timely monthly payments during the promotional period and you pay the entire remaining Apple purchase balance by the date on which the promotional period ends.

How does deferred interest work?

When you make a purchase that qualifies for deferred interest, interest charges are calculated and accrued each month from the date that you make your purchase. The accrued interest will be deferred until the end of the promotional period.

  • If you pay off the purchase before the end of the promotional period (and all monthly payments are made on time), you will not pay the accrued interest.

  • If you do not pay off your purchase by the end of the promotional period, you will be billed all of the deferred interest that has accrued from the original purchase date.

During the entire promotional period, your billing statement will include a Deferred Financing Promotion section that will provide the expiration date, interest accrued, and remaining promotional balance not yet paid. (See "What will my statement look like?" for additional details.)


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