Terms and Conditions
  Barclaycard with iTunes Rewards Visa Card
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases 14.99% variable, 18.99% variable, or 21.99% variable, depending on our review of your application and credit history.
Other APRs Balance Transfers and Convenience Checks APR: 0% fixed is effective for the first six billing cycles after you open your account.* After that, 14.99% variable, 18.99% variable, or 21.99% variable, depending on our review of your application and credit history.
Cash Advance APR: 21.99% variable.
Default APR: Up to 29.99% variable.
Variable Rate Information Your APR may vary. The rate is determined monthly by adding the Prime Rate and:
  • 11.74%, 15.74%, or 18.74% for Purchases
  • 11.74%, 15.74%, or 18.74% for Balance Transfers and Convenience Checks after the introductory period
  • 18.74% for Cash Advances .
  • Up to 26.99% for Default.
See explanation below.**
Grace Period At least 21-days Grace Period for Purchases from the Statement Closing Date on your periodic statement (provided you pay your previous balance in full by the due date). The Grace Period does not apply to Cash Advances, Balance Transfers or Convenience Checks.
Annual Fee $0
Minimum Finance Charge $2.00 / For Residents of Iowa at the time of Account opening $0.50
Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Transaction Charges
  • Balance Transfer and Convenience Check Charge: 4% of the amount of each transfer or check, $10 minimum, no maximum.
  • Cash Advance Charge: 4% of the amount advanced, $10 minimum, no maximum.
  • Late Payment Charge: $19.95 for balances <=$100; $39.95 for balances >$100; for Residents of Iowa at the time of Account opening $15. However, if the Default APR is in effect on a monthly statement, we may charge a late payment charge of $39.95
  • Over Your Credit Line Charge: $39.95; for Residents of Iowa at the time of Account opening $15. However, if the Default APR is in effect on a monthly statement, we may charge an over your credit line charge of $39.95
  • Returned Payment Charge: $39.95 ; for Residents of Iowa at the time of Account opening $15
  • Returned Convenience Check Charge: $39.95; for Residents of Iowa at the time of Account opening 5% of the amount of the check, $20 minimum, $50 maximum
  • Purchase of money orders, travelers checks, foreign currency, lottery tickets, gambling chips, or wire transfers: 4% of the amount of the purchase, $10 minimum, no maximum.
  • Currency Conversion Charge: 3% of the U.S. Dollar amount.

A FIXED APR means that the APR will not vary in concert with changes to an index, such as the U.S. Prime Rate.

Barclays Bank Delaware ("Barclays") reserves the right to change the APR as described in these terms and conditions after the credit card account ("Account") is opened, and in accordance with the Cardmember Agreement, Delaware law and the Federal Truth in Lending Act.

*Introductory Rate Notice: If you do not timely pay at least the minimum due, your payment is not honored by your bank, or you exceed your credit line, the Introductory APR will change to the Default APR as early as the first day of the billing cycle in which the default occurred.

Default APR: If your payment is received late, you fail to pay at least the minimum due, your payment is not honored by your bank, or your balance exceeds your credit card line, the APR on all balances (including any introductory balances) may be increased to the then applicable Default APR. The Default APR may go into effect on your Account (for all new and outstanding balances) as early as the first day of the billing cycle in which you defaulted. The applicable Default APR that will be applied to your Account will be determined based upon our review of your credit history (including your credit performance with other creditors). The Default APR will increase or decrease with changes in the Prime Rate. If the APRs on your Account are increased to the Default APR, we may, reduce the Default APR for all or selected balances on your Account at a later date.

Credit Performance: After your Account is opened, we will periodically review your credit performance. If you do not maintain your credit performance with us, we may change your Account terms.

**The Prime Rate used in determining the variable APRs used on your Account each billing cycle will be the highest rate published in the Money Rates column of The Wall Street Journal on either the first or last day of each billing cycle. The APRs, which are subject to a minimum APR, are current as of 01/30/2014 using a Prime Rate of 3.25%.

I understand that this offer to establish a Visa Account is offered to me by Barclays Bank Delaware, located in Wilmington, Delaware.

About Your Credit Report
You agree that Barclays has the right to obtain a current credit report in connection with our review of your application and, subsequently, in connection with a requested charge to your Account, the renewal of your Account, or a change in your credit line; and that we have the right to report to others our credit experience with you. Upon your request, we will tell you the name and address of each consumer reporting agency from which we obtained a consumer report about you.

Omission of any information requested on this application may result in a denial of credit.

This offer is available only to applicants who are permanent residents of the United States, with the exception of Puerto Rico.

Barclays reserves the right to change at any time the benefits and features associated with the card or Account after your Account is opened.

This offer may not be available to you if you already have a Credit Card account with Barclays.

Important Information About Procedures for Opening a New Account
To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an Account. What this means to you: When you apply for an Account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see copies of identifying documents.

Notice to Married Wisconsin Residents
No provision of any marital property agreement, unilateral statement under Section 766.59 of the Wisconsin statutes, or court order under Section 766.70 adversely affects the interest of the creditor, Barclays Bank Delaware, unless the Bank, prior to the time the credit is granted or an open-end credit plan is entered into, is furnished a copy of the Agreement, Statement or Decree, or has actual knowledge of the adverse provision. IF I AM A MARRIED WISCONSIN RESIDENT, CREDIT EXTENDED UNDER THIS ACCOUNT WILL BE INCURRED IN THE INTEREST OF MY MARRIAGE OR FAMILY.

Transferring Your Balances. Here's How it Works:
Upon approval of your application we will provide you with your Cardmember Agreement and to the extent permitted by your credit line process the payment to the credit card account(s) which you have requested, resulting in the balance being reduced by the amount of the payment. The amount available on your Barclays account will be reduced by the amount of the Balance Transfer. The payment will be shown on your online statement as well as your monthly statement. Your other credit card account will not be closed, even if you have paid your entire balance. You must contact the other credit card companies to close your other account. Barclays reserves the right to decline to process any Balance Transfer request and will process requests in the order requested within the credit line assigned to you Account. We will not process a request to transfer a balance from any other Account you may have with us. It is possible that your credit line amount may be lower than the Balance Transfer(s) requested. If this should occur, Barclays will process Balance Transfers up to a total amount which is sufficiently below the credit line so you do not exceed your credit line.

A balance transfer may take up to 3 weeks to post to your other credit card accounts. Please review your other credit card accounts to determine if you need to make a payment to avoid fees or penalties.

Barclays will allocate your payment to lower APR balances before higher APR balances. This means that your savings will be lower if you engage in transactions that result in balances subject to higher APRs.

Information Sharing:
Barclays' Privacy Policy is available online at www.BarclaycardUS.com. In addition, Apple and Barclays may share my name, contact information and experiential and transaction information, as well as information necessary to administer the Barclaycard with iTunes Rewards and MoreProgram® in conjunction with the Barclaycard with iTunes Rewards & More Visa Card.

About the Barclaycard with iTunes Rewards Program: The Barclaycard with iTunes Rewards Visa Card is issued by Barclays Bank Delaware ("Barclays") located in Wilmington, Delaware. Apple is not a party to the Cardmember Agreement. By accepting this Card, you agree that Barclays may share information regarding your account, including the account number and transaction information, with Apple for the purpose of providing customer service to you for the program.

iTunes reward points under the Program are earned on purchases made with your Barclaycard with iTunes Rewards Visa Card. The following transactions are excluded from "Purchases" and do not earn iTunes points: convenience checks, balance transfers, cash advances and credit card fees. In addition, any iTunes points awarded on purchases that are subsequently returned will be deducted from your total, and your iTunes points balance will be adjusted accordingly. Your account must remain open and in good standing to receive iTunes points and iTunes Cards offered under the Program. Good standing means you are not in Default under the Cardmember Agreement.

Earning iTunes points: Cardmembers will receive one (1) iTunes point for every one dollar ($1.00) in net purchases spent on the card. Two (2) iTunes points will be awarded for every one dollar ($1.00) in net purchases spent at Apple Retail stores, online at www.applestore.com, iTunes.com or via phone by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE.

Bonus Points: Cardmembers will, upon first use of the account for a purchase (other than a purchase at an Apple store(see "Earning iTunes points" section for definition of "Apple Store")) that is not later returned, recinded, or disputed, receive 1000 bonus points.

Redeeming iTunes points: When you accumulate 2,500 iTunes points, you will receive a $25 Apple iTunes Card following the next month's billing statement. iTunes Cards will be mailed to the billing address associated with your Barclaycard with iTunes Rewards Visa Card account. All iTunes points will be reported monthly and will appear on your billing statement. There is no limit to the amount of iTunes points that you can earn. iTunes points expire after 12 months of non-activity on the account though iTunes gift cards do not expire once they are awarded. Barclays Bank Delaware and Apple reserve the rights to suspend, modify, cancel, or terminate the program, in whole or in part, at any time for any reason.

iTunes Card terms and conditions: iTunes Gift Cards are redeemable only on the iTunes Store for the U.S. To redeem gift cards you must have an iTunes Store account, subject to prior acceptance of license and usage terms. To open an account you must be above the age of 13 and in the U.S. The iTunes Store requires iTunes 6.0 or later (7.0 or later for video), compatible software and hardware, and Internet access (fees may apply). Not redeemable for cash (except if required by law). No refunds or exchanges allowed and gift cards may not be used to purchase any other merchandise, allowances or iTunes gifting. Data collection and use subject to Apple Customer Privacy Policy, see www.apple.com/legal/privacy/, unless stated otherwise. Risk of loss and title for card passes to purchaser on transfer. Apple is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from lost or stolen gift cards or use without your permission. Apple and its licensees, affiliates, and licensors make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to prepaid gift cards or the iTunes Store and disclaim any warranty to the fullest extent available. These limitations may not apply to you. Void where prohibited. Not for resale. Subject to full terms and conditions, available at www.apple.com/support/itunes/legal/giftallowances.html. Content purchased from the iTunes Store is for personal lawful use only. Don't steal music. iTunes is a registered trademark and iTunes Store is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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